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About us

Bescletta started working bicycling business in Cairo from more than 20 years ago,

Bescletta is one of the members of ELTAYEB GROUP, and we are also member in the Famous “Velo& Oxygen” international show rooms.

Here in Bescletta, we have committed ourselves with the highest standards in our products and services, which are very wide to fit all customers’ tastes, desires and satisfaction.

To back up the high standards and services that Bescletta proudly provides, the first and only world-class bicycle showroom in Egypt, which offers after sale service and customer care with international standards  

To achieve the optimum customer satisfaction. Bescletta established one of the most professional service centers all over the country, which offers world-class services and Maintenance on the international standards.

We are in Bescletta knows the social responsibility and obligation towards the Egyptian society, so we participating and engaging in society development by sponsoring many cycling events in schools, universities and companies, and that to encourage the society to adapt and embrace concept of cycling culture and lifestyle in Egypt.







Our Vision & mission

  • Bescletta vision is to be the largest commercial and industrial Organizations in Bicycle field. This will be as a unique example of performance.
  • Change Egyptian Attitude about cycling positively.
  • Participation in the society's development & Development and investment of human resources.
  • Make a healthy cycling environment in our country
  • Growth of participation in domestic and foreign sports societies.
  • Expansion of opening new markets, both domestically and abroad.

Our products:

Bescletta is the lone distributor of the world–class brands in Egypt

  • Scott
  • Gitane
  • Martello
  • Cube
  • Bianchi
  • Peugeot






    Success story:

    Bescletta made many corporations with a lot of companies, universities, schools and many sports clubs all over Egypt and due to our role in the Egyptian society,

    Bescletta also sponsors many sports events to encourage the Egyptian youth to embrace Using bikes in their daily lives.

    And here’s a sample of the Entities we worked with before:







    Our service:

    • Maintenance: We have the original spare parts of your bikes always available on our stock with suitable prices; we offer also maintenance in no time for our customers' convenience... Just call us we can fix it up in no time.
    • Warranty: We guarantee our products against any manufacturing defect, we provide the maximum period of warranty, according to the brand and the part of the bike. Our warranty is professional and it is one of the most powerful points we offer for our customers’ convenience.
    • Delivery: We offer to door delivery for bikes for the first time in Egypt. Just inform us about your desired model of our high quality bike, and we’ll deliver it directly to your door anywhere in Egypt, just to drive it and have fun!
    • Cycling school: We proudly presents for the first time in Egypt, the one and only “CYCLIST SCHOOL” in Egypt, that aims to encourage the Egyptians to embrace riding bicycle, starting from young age to all ages, and makes them understand the benefits of riding bicycles and how it help and affect in the improvement of health and the community.
    • Bescletta Fitness center: we also proudly presents for the first time, Bescletta fitness center, the first specialized fitness center established for professional and non-professional cyclers in Egypt, it will be opened in “October 2014”.
    • Upgrading: “Your old bike is getting outdated”, simply visit one of our show rooms and choose a new one and use the “trade-in system”, Bescletta buys your old bike and we will deduct the amount we bought your bike with to your new bike.  


    Our Showrooms:

    We have the most prestigious bikes showroom in Egypt, our showroom are in everywhere in Cairo that backed up with team of experienced salesmen

    And here are the latest 3D shots of our New Cairo branch that will be opened in October 2014