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Urban Bikes

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  1. Peugeot Roland Garros 2
  2. Peugeot  Roland Garros 1
  3. Gitane Vision

    Gitane Vision

    You live in town, but you're longing for just one thing: to escape into the country this weekend! Learn More
  4. Peugeot AU01

    Peugeot AU01

    Rugged as a mountain bike with fat tires, AU21 The fact remains less a bike suitable for all your urban adventures with his Shimano 20 speed transmission and disc brakes. Equipped with handles and a saddle with stitching ALLURE to ride in style. Learn More
  5. Peugeot CS31

    Peugeot CS31

    The Peugeot CS31 in packed with Shimano 24-speed transmission and an aluminum frame for easy and comfortable use. Learn More
  6. Peugeot Urban Sport 2
  7. GITANE Vision

    GITANE Vision

    Roads and paths hold no secrets for the Gitane Vision Learn More
  8. Peugeot CT52

    Peugeot CT52

    The Peugeot CT52 is a versatile bike for all city and country walks. Learn More

8 Item(s)

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